Recently there have been a ton of drones released by different manufacturers. The most noticeable ones would be the DJI line up. After all, they are pretty much running the market and have been for years. So I would say its a safe bet that if you are looking for a drone it should be one of theirs. The most recent release at the time of writing this article is the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. The Pro is obviously better then the zoom and a bit more pricey. However both of them are the best on the market at the moment with the exception of the Inspire 2. But if you have the budget and client/work for the inspire then you should be getting that. However if you are a professional and dont have the big budget for the inspire, then you should get one of the new Mavic 2’s.


If you are just dabbing with drones and aerial photography or videos you should consider one of the cheaper ones. I strongly recommend the DJI Mavic Air.  It has alot of technology packed into it and can also shoot 4k video at 60 fps as well as shoot 12mp raw photos. The only down side to it compared to the Mavic 2 zoom imo is the range. The mavic 2’s have a technology built into it called Occusync which allows the aircraft to fly much farther. But the range on the Mavic Air is still good enough to shoot whatever you might want to shoot. If the Mavic Air is still to much for you, You can look at the DJI Phantom 3 Standard or find used aircrafts on ebay.


What ever you decide, make sure you do your self a favor and buy a DJI brand air craft. They have been dominating the market for years and really build high quality air crafts. I have bought 3 so far and will not buy another brand ever again. There support is amazing and the quality is superb.