DJI Osmo Action

Well let me be the first to say, its about damn time! I was wondering what was taking DJI so long to release an action camera and I am glad for the wait. Today the new DJI Osmo Action was announced and DJI did not dissapoint. The camera features a sleek design, front facing monitor and a rear touch screen monitor. It also comes water proof out of the box. Just by looking at the pictures of the camera compared to gopro, you can tell rite away the design is way better. When you dive further and look at video compareson’s I think you will find that the DJI Osmo Action “Rock Steady” which is there version of the GoPro “HyperSmooth” is even better. From what I am seeing, this is starting to look like the end of GoPro.

DJI Osmo Action vs GoPro Hero 7 Black Comparison

Physical Hardware:

DJI Osmo Action GoPro Hero 7 Black
Size: 65x42x35mm 62x45x33mm
Weight: 125g 116g
Rear Touch Screen: 2.25 inches
640 x 360
2 inch
480 x 320
Front Screen 1.4 inches
Color Screen
0.92 inches
Black & White
Waterproof 11m 10m
Battery Removable Removable
Mics 2 mics 3 mics

Camera, Lens and Sensor:

DJI Osmo Action GoPro Hero 7 Black
Sensor 1/2.3” CMOS 1/2.3” CMOS
Megapixels 12 mp 12 mp
Bitrate 100mbps 100mbps
Video Resolution 4k @ 60fps
1080p @ 240fps
4k @ 60fps
1080p @ 240fps

Features and Functionality:

DJI Osmo Action GoPro Hero 7 Black
HDR Photo No (Comming Soon) Yes
Raw Photos Yes Yes
HDR Video Yes No
Slow Motion 8x 8x
Hyperlapse Yes Yes
EIS/Video Stablization RockSteady HyperSmooth
Voice Control Yes Yes
Wake on Voice No Yes
Battery Life 110 mins
@4K 30fps
92 mins
@4K 30fps
Live Streaming No Yes
GPS No Yes

Video By: Peter McKinnon showing off the DJI Osmo Action.

My Thoughts

From looking at the comparisons above you can see the cameras are very similar, the biggest advantage the DJi Osmo Action has over the GoPro is that front facing screen that allows you to see what you are shooting when recording your self. Another cool feature the Osmo Action has over the GoPro is HDR Video, both cameras offer a flat video profile but having the ability to record in HDR is very cool and something we should expect to see in the next gopro. At this point I can not really see why anyone would buy a GoPro over the DJI Osmo Action. I really hope this is not the end of GoPro!