Best Photo and Video Editing Laptop for 2019

If your like me then you been wanting to purchase a laptop with video and photo editing in mind but dont want an Apple product because you hate the hype. Well then let me introduce you to my new editing laptop 2019 that I recently bought cheap. I purchased a MSI brand laptop that has a ton of power and is quite affordable and can do everything that I need it to do. Im talking even edit 4k video! So below I am going to list the laptop I purchased as well as some other laptops that will also be a great choice if you are needing a laptop for photography and video editing (ex: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere)

My Editing Laptop for 2019 Picks

My Editing Laptop for 2019 Choice

The MSI GL63 is the laptop I chose. Simple because It has the power to handle the task I will throw at it, I also wanted to have the ability to make minor upgrades to the laptop if I needed to in the future. One of the laptops that I was really into was the Dell XPS, however dell has made it hard for end users to update there machine with out the need of getting a dell certified tech to make the changes. MSI does not even void the warranty if you open up the laptop case so this was a big plus to me.

Also it was about $500 bucks cheaper then the Dell XPS. The form factor of the MSI GL63 also seemed to be perfect for the hardware that was put into the laptop. I was worried the Dell XPS would have heating issues after awhile. This also brings me back to being able to open up the laptop and dust off the fans.  I have been using the MSI gl63 now for over a month and i do not regret buying it. The keys are nice to type on and the machine itself is pretty speedy. I was able to run Fallout 76 on ultra settings using this laptop. I also did photoshop and lightroom work while away on a family trip and had no issues. I tested Adobe Premiere on the laptop with some 4k footage and it worked just as well as my desktop pc.

This laptop is the perfect laptop in my opinion for editing photos and videos while on the go. The battery life is pretty good and will vary depending on the task at hand. Also I noticed that the Nvidia GTX 1050ti only works while the laptop is pluged into a power source. This is because the card demands so much power that it would drain the battery to quick. I like this feature alot, however I wish there was an option to turn the card on anyway. Maybe there is and I am just missing it. Anyway, if you are looking for a new editing laptop for 2019 , I strongly suggest the MSI GL63. If you have any questions about the laptop, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer them the best I can.