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If you dont know by now, amazon has launched a brand new program. Its called “The Amazon Influencer Program” and its pretty sweet. However there are some things you need to know before you can apply for the program. This program is not for everyone and its not going to replace the current amazon affiliate program. Its more so like a nice compliment the amazon affiliate program. It allows you to create a collection of items and add them to a list that will display on a profile like amazon page linking back to all your social media accounts. You also get a unique name. For example, mine is


Who is the Amazon Influencer Program for?

in short, the program seems to be focused on social media. As of the time of writing this article, one of the requirements is that you have a nice presence on one of the social media platforms. I was invited to join the program while my instagram was below 10k followers. So the requirements are not that steep. However its been rumored that amazon will drop you from the program if you are not using the service.


Why should I use the Amazon Influencer Program?

As mention above, it allows you to showcase a nice list of products that you recommend. Its all listed at a simple amazon profile like page with a vanity URL of your choice. Your followers and subscribers can then bookmark this page and return later to shop from it. Giving you affiliate sales each time they shop. Your viewers can even search your page and find particular items that you recommend. Its almost like your own amazon store but its all recommended products from you.


In short, if you have a following on social media and are looking for a great way to earn some money from that follow, then this is for you. check it out now and sign up at the Amazon Influencers page.