If your anything like me then you know how frustrating night photography can be sometimes. However some of the best photos are taken at night. There is nothing like walking around the city with the neon light glows bouncing off the reflection of rain. You might pull out the camera, snap the photo and when you get home you realize its either to dark or way to noisy. Peter gives us a few tips to avoid this and take better photos at night.


One of the things I do when photographing at night, I use the sony android app since I shoot with sony cameras. Its pretty cool because all you need to do is mount the camera on a tripod and then you can control all of the camera settings from the phone. Make sure you put the camera into manual mode first before doing this. But by doing this you will eliminate camera shake and get sharper images. You can also slow down the shutter and get longer exposures and get some of those cool light trails that you see in Peter McKinon Youtube video.


Never the less, make sure to check out Peter McKinnon and Matti from Travel Feels and see the tips they gave us on how they shoot at night. Most of the tips they share you may know already but if your like me, you off ton get caught up in the moment and forget to practice these methods. So check out the video and let Pete know on his channel what you think! When you get there let him know I sent you 😀 I will also list some of the equipment Peter used in this video below.



Lume Cube (Link)

Lume Cube Color Gels (Link)

Basic Tripod (Link)