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Its about damn time! Instagram has finally announced on there blog that you can now schedule post by using the Instagram graph API! This is a big step forward and will allow apps to schedule your post and submit them automatically. Currently the only way we can schedule post is by using a 3rd party app and being reminded that we need to post the photo at this time. But with the new changes to the api all of this will be done for you. This announcement also goes to show that Instagram realizes how important this feature is to have and are taking steps to implant it. I am sure we will be seeing this feature in a future Instagram app update. After all, this feature has been the #1 most requested feature from the platforms user base.

I am personally excited for this feature. I usually have a ton of photos that I take and have to keep going into the app every day to post the photo. I sometimes am busy and unable to post at a Time that I would like. As you might know, the timing is everything when posting a Instagram photo. Ideally you could shoot 30 photos and schedule them out over the course of a month and have them post each day at 5:00pm. This is amazing!


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If you would like to read the official Instagram blog post you can do so here

To learn more about the Instagram Graph API updates and how to migrate your account, please visit here for more information.