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Weather you like it or not youtube is a must for any business and is becoming one of the most saught after career these days. while success on youtube is not guaranteed, it still adds value to your business and for some of us. we are creating a business on a budget. that is why I wrote this article to give you an idea of how you can start a youtube channel on a budget or if you want the best of the best, I am going to list those as well. Whatever you choose, just make sure you start posting videos!


The Best Budget Camera for YouTube!

Cameras are expensive and is something you will need eventually. however most of us have a quality camera in our pocket that can shoot footage at atleast 1080p and this is perfect for youtube. Also these days you also have some pretty good audio options when using a mobile phone  however a day will come when you will want to start using a camera and the one me and many other youtuber recommend is the panasonic g7.


Budget Camera For YouTube – Here
Best Camera For YouTube – Here

the gopro is a great camera, however we didnt list it as a youtube budget camera because in low light situations you will have better luck shooting with your sell phone. Also the ammount of attachments and things you can do will be limited. but if you would like to know the gopro I suggest, you can check it out here.



The Best Mic for YouTube!

audio is one of the most important parts of creating a video. our brains actually process audio before visuals. and a matter of fact, its been proven that videos with better audio do better then videos with crappy audio.


Budget Microphone For YouTube – Here
Best Microphone For YouTube – Here



What lights to use for a YouTube Channel

lighting is very important when it comes to video. the best lighting is natural light. if you are able to plan your videos out first so you can use natural light then this will be the cheapest option because its basically free. if your looking to buy a light we suggest this one here.


Budget Lighting For YouTube – Here
Best Lighting For YouTube – Here



Most Important Tip When Creating A YouTube Channel!

What ever gear you buy or have, dont let the gear stop you from creating. People everyday are starting with the bare minimum and are becoming successful. The most important thing you can do is to just create and upload it for the world to see. There is always someone out there who will enjoy your work. So worry less about the gear and more about the content. And most importantly, getting the content out!