GoPro Plus Plan

We all seen them, GoPro has garbed the attention of the world and supplied us with the most epic videos of all time. Sometimes you see them mounted on a bike going down some rocky hills or flying down snow slopes in below 0 temperatures or even tied to a stick playing fetch with a dog or swimming around with sharks. GoPro has created a reputation for having not only the best action camera, but being one of the most durable action cameras and that is what we come to expect from our GoPros. However, these camera can only hold up to that abuse for so long.

GoPro has announced that its going to start a new monthly plan called GoPro Plus. The plan is going to be $4.99 a month and acts pretty much like insurance for your GoPro. The camera will be covered and if the camera breaks, a replacement will be issued. This plan will not be for everyone though, remember these cameras were designed not to break. however for the few who do the more extreme sports might find use in this.

I personally think this is GoPros cry for help. I been paying attention to there stocks and its been going down for awhile now. This may be the thing they need to get them out of the rut after there failed drone the gopro karma (what an ironic name) which they recently discontinued. This also worry’s me about future models of the GoPro, the quality of them might be less then the previous ones where a plan like this might be required.


You can see GoPro Latest Model here