Photos with Fairy Lights have been trending on social media lately! If you are a photographer and haven’t use them yet then you are missing out. They add a cool light effect to your photography that makes your model look more fairy like. I know, it sounds crazy but it does work and it can turn a boring photo into something that wow’s your viewers. Below is a photo I took of RegWeekends during a photo shoot. We used blue fairy lights because it was still day light out and it give the photo a nice mood to it.


When I first started looking for the right Fairy Lights I was over whelmed by all of the different brands and styles that were for sale. I wasn’t sure what to buy and at first I ended up trying just some plane old white christmas lights. The traditional christmas lights will not work well in photos. Sure you might be able to get away with it depending on what you shoot but the reason fairy lights are so offton used is because they are on a actual wire that you can bend and mold. The wire is so thin that when you take a photo it normally ends up becoming invisible. The lights them self’s are also different. They are tiny led bulbs that are super bright. So its easy to buy the wrong ones. I am going to share with you the ones I use in my photos


The Fairy Lights I use!

I have bought alot of fairy lights in the pass year, infact I am looking at 7 sets right now. The best option for Fairy Lights that I found for fairy lights are below. They are bright and come in a 2 pack and are long enough to do just about anything with them. They also offer many diffrent color options and are the lowest price. Build quality is good as well.

The Fairy Lights i use – View Amazon Product