Photo by Eliott Van Buggenhout

The photographers glass ball, somtimes called a crystal ball or lens ball. They look magical and give photos a unique perspect, but where do i get one? I am sure by now that most of us have saw this mysterious glass ball appear on our instagram feeds. It seems to have been taking the instagram photography scene by storm. It is a little ball and is very magical in a sense. When ever you take a photo with this crystal ball around, your photos magically seem better!


Its Not Really Magic?

The glass ball photographers use is not really magic at all. These photos appeal to use because of the depth in the photo. Most of the time these photos of glass balls will be shot using a large apature giving us that blurry background. The thing is, while the background is blurred, everything inside of the glass ball you photographed is still tack sharp. This offers our viewers a unique perspective of whatever it is that we were photographing. To put it simple These glass balls work because of the different perspective we are getting of the landscape we are shooting.


Try it your self!

Here is a very affordable photography glass ball, this is sold by one of instagram accounts that post these photos of glass balls @glassballphotographs. and If you buy one of the photography glass balls, tag me on instagram @alonzowestphotos, I would love to see what you create using it!