With the growth of youtube and instagram, somtimes you need a photo or video for your project. In this post I am going to list all the free stock photography and video sites that I know about. If you have a free stock website that is not on the list, please let me know about it on my contact page and I will add it to this list. I will update this list each time I learn about a new site. So make sure to bookmark this page so you can keep up with all of the free stock websites!

Free Stock Photography Websites

This is a great free stock photography website, I use this one alot for this blog. If you are a photographer, this is a great way to get exposure! They offer many different category’s and I am sure they have the photo you are looking for. This site is 100% free!

Pexels is an all around free stock website, they offer both photos and videos. I find that they have far more focus on photos but you can also find videos on the site as well. All for free! They even have plugins for Photoshop and wordpress to make your image hunting as quick as possible.

This site offers a nice selection of free stock photos, They also offer some paid stock items as well. However you can use them just for free stock photography if you want!

Free Stock Video Websites

At the moment this is my favorite free stock video website. They have a ton of videos and even offer 4k quality videos all for free.

Pexels does have some free stock videos, however there are more photos on this site then videos. It is still a free source of high quality stock videos.

Whatever free stock website you use, please make sure you are giving proper credit to the creator. They post these files for free and allow all of us to use them and do not ask for nothing in return. A simple alt tag or description of the photo or video will help these creators out alot. So make sure you show your thanks by doing this! Also if you are using these free stock photos or videos in a paid project, consider giving them a donation!