This week at GDC 2019, Google surprised many of us with the announcement of Stadia. It is google’s new gaming platform and studio. From what we know so far is that it seems to be a cloud based gaming platform aimed at removing the need to buy expensive hardware in exchange for a monthly subscription. Google did now confirm any type of pricing yet for this platform but that is my guess. I think stadia is going to be priced starting around $20.00 a month. I also think they might introduce different teir’s and packages such as limited and unlimited game time. However google needs to becareful. It seems stadia is in a position to change the way we game forever and if done correctly could really set google up to control the whole gaming industry. Below are some things we know already about Google Stadia as well as an accountment trailer.

Google Stadia Trailer

What we know so far?

Google Stadia is set to release in 2019. From the GDC conference we know that we are getting more information about Stadia in the summer. So I think it is safe to say we should see Stadia release around Q3 or Q4 of 2019. They also showcase both Assassian creed and Doom in there announcement. So I would also say these are 2 of the title that will release when google stadia comes out. They also show cased a controller and a new google chrome device. I am assuming they will also offer this as a bundle simliler to a playstation or xbox setup and maybe some kind of trial account. However they also say that the google stadia controller is not required for pc/laptop use. Meaning, we can use are current controllers to play on the platform using our current computers. They also go on to say that the hardware barriers will be removed. This is the biggest thing about the platform imo. If this works as they claim, this is going to revolutionize the gaming industry and change prices for devices across the entire market.