Drop Shipping Photography Prints

For over a year now drop shipping has been big business for many people who are starting an online business. It makes the whole process of selling products related to your brand a whole lot easier and its not hard at all after you know how to start!. This is a perfect solution for selling your Photography prints. For the sake of this tutorial we are going to use the supplier Printful. After you are done reading this your will know how to sell prints and never have to print photos again!


What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is pretty much a method of selling goods to a customer and having the manufacturer ship them directly to the customer. This is great for personal brands and creative products such as T shirts and Photo Prints. When you make a sale, you just fulfill the order using your supplier.


What do I need to start drop shipping?

The great thing about drop shipping is that you do not need any money to start! All you need is a supplier and an Idea For this sake of this post we are going to use the idea as selling your Photography prints! and will be using this company to drop ship out photography prints! Create an account and when you are done they will show you a short video on how to use there system. The whole process is pretty simple.