We live in a digital age now and sending the publish photography work you may have done for a client is easier then ever. No more need to print and wait for them to get back to you. Now a days clients can and should do this on there own. However there are many platforms you can use, some are free and some are paid. Below I will list what I think is the best platform to use when sending your work to the client.



I use a company called Pixieset to send all of my photography work to a client. I like this service for several reasons. Not only is it free, but they offer ways for you to earn a little bit extra by offering print services on your photos. This means all you need to do is send the client to the Pixieset landing page for your current project/client, and the client can browse all the photos with printing options for each one. they offer a large selection of printing options as well. such as coffee mugs! They also have many other features such as expiring time, download and restrict access. All these services are offered on the free version for ever. The only catch with the free version is that you are only allowed so much space before you need to start paying. But for anyone who is just starting a photography business they offer more then enough space!

Pixieset Website



If you do not already have a photography website, this may be the best option for you. Its pretty much an all in one solution for starting a photography business and presence online. They have beautiful website themes and is pretty simple to set up. They also have built in store options for your website as well as a place to upload work you may have done for the client. They offer pretty much the same services as mentioned above but If you do not have a website already, I strongly recommend checking them out

Zenfolio Website