To be honest the best camera is the one you have. But that really wouldn’t help you much at all now would it? I personal learned photography using my cell phone. At the time I had a Samsung phone that was able to shoot in pro mode which allowed me to learn the basics of shutter and iso. I then wanted to dive deeper into photography and really take my photos to the next level. So I really learned with the Panasonic G7, not only is this the cheapest camera in its class. It also is the best imo. It has a micro 4/3 sensor and It shoots 4k video and does not over heat! It also shoots 1080p video at 60fps which allows you to do some nice slow motion. It includes an interchangeable lens and the price for lenses are pretty cheap compared to some of the other brands. It also includes a flip out screen for creating video and has a mic port. All around this was the perfect camera for me and til this day I still love it!


When picking your camera you should consider the following.

  • Does it shoot RAW.
  • What is the video quality.
  • Does it have a interchangeable lens.
  • What are the lens options and how much do they cost.


The Panasonic G7 excels in everything mentioned above! Below are some other cameras that I think would be great for learning photography on, but really its up to you and how you want to use your camera! If you are planing on doing photography as a business, make sure you get a full frame camera like the Sony a7.


Top 5 camera’s to learn photography on!

If I had a budget to choose any camera out of that list, It would be the Sony a6300, But I would pick the Panasonic G7 right after that! I hope this post helps you, If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Also if you buy a camera after reading this. Make sure to post your photos on Instagram and tag @alonzowestphotos so I can see them!