I have been posting on Instagram alot lately in the last year and I think I may have found the best export settings to use in Adobe Light room to post photos on Instagram. You can create this as a preset and quickly export your photos and have them all ready to be submitted to Instagram and loose no quality. As you may already know, Instagram will compress large files and that usually results into lower quality photos. The goal here is to create an export that Instagram will not need to compress and keep the quality good. Also, you do not want to submit a file that is to small of a resolution because Instagram will stretch out the file and it will look bad.


Adobe Lightroom Instagram Export Settings.

(screenshot of how i set my instagram export settings)

File Settings.

Image Format: JPEG
Color Space: sRGB
Quality: 72
Limit File Size To: Unchecked

72% Quality is actually better then 100% Quality for Instagram for compression reasons. you can read more about it here but in short the quality difference is not noticeable but the file size will be much smaller in jpeg format.


Image Sizing.

Resize to fit: Short Edge – 1080 pixels
Resolution: 300 pixels per inch


The rest of the settings you can pretty much set them however you like. But the ones above should be set the same. If you are having trouble figuring it out then use the photo above or feel free to contact me and I would be more then happy to help you. After you have the settings correct click on the Add button and save it as a preset. I named mine “Instagram” I hope this post helps and go post some dope photos. Be sure to tag me @alonzowestphotos so I can check them out!